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Packaging should help to prevent spoilage, weight losses and enhance customer acceptability

Simple packaging without further treatments is less effective in prolonging the shelf-life of meat and meat products.


Shrink Wrap

Approximately two-thirds of fresh meat sold is packaged with shrink wrap. Shrink wrap uses a foam tray which holds the meat and an absorbent pad wrapped with a clear atmosphere permeable plastic film. The permeability characteristics of the film allow oxygen from the air to come in contact with the meat. This type of packaging is very economical and utilized cost-effective equipment. However, it has the shortest case life because the meat is continuously exposed to oxygen.


Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP)

In Modified Atmosphere Packaging rigid plastic trays which hold the meat product, and an absorbent pad, sealed with a clear high barrier plastic film. A machine will vacuum residual air from the tray and then flush the tray with modified atmosphere immediately prior to sealing the package with clear film. The modified atmospheres typically contain purified gasses found in the air (oxygen, carbon dioxide, nitrogen and or carbon monoxide). Each of the added gases serves a specific purpose in the modified atmosphere packaging process.

All Redpack machines are designed and manufactured in Norwich, UK.

Below are all our machines that are able to package meat, depending on what package type you are looking for.