P325E-FI - Apple Packer


The P325E-FI has been developed from the P325 range specifically for flow wrapping apples without a tray.

It has a frictionless infeed that gently carries the apples to the flowrapping module and onto the wrapping film with minimum bruising.

The frictionless infeed can be easily adjusted for collations of 4,6 & 8 apples in ''Soldier Pack'' formation and an in-line pack, for variations in apple size grades.

The P325E-FI trayless apple flow wrapping machines saves costs, reduces packaging waste and the frictionless infeed transports the apples collations with minimum bruising.

“Specially designed soft handling apple infeed conveyor incorporating driven side belts, two outer platform conveyors and independent central conveyor with product stop, for quick tool less adjustment between collation quantities”.


Below are some of the features available on the P325E-FI model:

  • The machine is equipped with independent drives synchronized through the servo-control system.
  • Machine base is manufactured from solid stainless steel.
  • Tool-less multi pitch position infeed to accomodate wide collation of products.
  • Independent temperature control of the welding jaw heaters.
  • Universal integrated holder for a thermal transfer printer, optional.
  • Integrated label applicator optional.
  • Modem for remote control and machine diagnostics for the fastest response.
  • No product, no bag.
  • Designed to work 24/7.



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