Why Choose A Redpack Flow-Wrap Machine?

Sep 16 2022

With over 40 years of experience, Redpack design, manufacture, install and support industry leading horizontal flow wrap machines. These are manufactured in their East Anglia factory on the outskirts of Norwich. These are used in diverse industries including household products, bakery, fresh produce, snacks, pharmaceuticals, greetings cards, toys, and bespoke applications. With clients of all sizes across a variety of sectors, Redpack are ideally placed to advise on the best flow-wrapper to select.

This article explains the applications of a Redpack flow-wrapper, how it works and why a company that wants to pack products very efficiently, should choose Redpack to partner them.


Keep It On The Level

All the Redpack flow-wrappers, also called flow-packs, pillow packs or pillow bags, are horizonal and can be left or right-handed making them fit the exact location. They can also be individually customised according to your specific requirements. This can include the addition of conveyors, printers, and labelling technology.


Redpack flow-wrappers may also be equipped with a pre-formatted continuous film which is readily available from packaging material specialists or convertors. This saves you a great deal of time and money, as it means that there is no need to go through the trouble of making custom wrapping sheets for each product. Redpack packaging machines are equipped with a programmable function that allows a customer to specify the size of the pack and the positioning of the label and print area on unbranded film.


With sustainability in mind, Redpack work with packaging partners to continually develop recyclable and compostable solutions in a variety of substrates including paper and even plant-based materials. These eco-packing or bio-packing solutions are becoming increasingly popular and Redpack can advise on options available.


Horizontal flow wrap is mainly used in the food industry for packaging processed food so that it can be shipped or stored more safely. This type of wrapping is that a continuous film is applied over the product so that when it is opened it moves neatly to the bottom or top of the pack, depending on the chosen machine. Horizontal flow-wrapping is particularly useful for individual products like fresh vegetables, cakes, biscuits, and snacks where freshness and shelf-life are essential while ensuring they are labelled correctly.


Branding Considerations

One of the key benefits of using flow-packs is that you can customise packaging to improve the branding. This is particularly the case when film used is pre-printed, ensuring that the look is consistent throughout all your products.

Redpack flow wrap ensure the film fits tightly around the product to minimise film cost, waste, and product movement within the package. It also shortens the end seals or "tails" on the product, allowing outer packing to be snugger and space efficient. Clear flow-wrap films enable customers to view products without any obstructions, increasing visibility and retail sales.


Go With The Flow

In summary, here are the top benefits of buying Redpack flow-wrappers.

  1. Redpack Flow-Packs Help Grow Your Business

With a Redpack flow-packer they can now react quicker to your needs and pack large orders in noticeably short periods of time. Customers can enjoy improved branding and product presentation too.


  1. Redpack Flow-Packers Create More Attractive Products

Selling packed produce increases margins rather than selling your produce in bulk or loose. This is the reason so many farms and greenhouses have turned into produce marketing companies. It can reduce waste as consumers are able to buy what they want and need in packaging that keeps food fresher for longer, giving shelf-life improvements immediately.


  1. Redpack Flow-Wrap Reduce Unit Packaging Costs

Automating existing packaging operations reduces costs. With fast changeover times, minimal maintenance downtime and low set-up disruption, Redpack gives training and can advise how customers focus on lowering the unit cost per pack. Easy set up and changeover for multiple sizes of products.


  1. Redpack Flow-Wrap Decreases Labour Costs

Fewer employees are needed on a Redpack automated packing line, allowing them to deal with additional productive tasks. Adjustments and controls are intuitive and with the multi-lingual HMI screens, staff can be more flexible with a small amount of training.

If spare parts or any assistance is needed, Redpack offer service support 7 days a week with machine parts in stock for immediate despatch along with service engineers available for callouts.


  1. Flow Wrap Products Are Ideal for Food Safety

Food that is flow- wrapped in packs on Redpack machinery, protects product and limit food safety issues. Flow-packed products also do not get consumers picking through produce. This leads to less waste and damage in store.

Extended shelf life of products can be achieved with air-tight packaging as Redpack flow-wrappers provide a complete moisture and air barrier.

For more details on how Redpack Packaging Machinery can benefit your business e-mail info@redpack.co.uk or call 01603 722280