5 Great Reasons Why A Visit To Redpack Packaging Machinery Is Worthwhile

Aug 02 2023

There is much help available from Redpack Packaging Machinery for any business who want the assurance that their flow wrapped products are presented at their absolute best.

The Redpack team has a combined 756 years of experience available and 2023 represents a landmark year for our company as it is 50 years since our family business was first founded. Originally starting as a precision engineering company, building on a legacy of proven engineering experience, the company’s first flow wrapping machine was manufactured, after three Directors left a major manufacturer of flow wrappers of a previous era.

With such a huge amount of experience in a variety of different fields, Redpack has a longstanding commitment to do everything within our power to never let a customer down.

The great news is that you can visit Redpack Packaging Machinery at our conveniently placed manufacturing and innovation centre on the outskirts of Norwich; just a little over 2 hours’ drive from London and 15 minutes from Norwich International Airport or 20 minutes from Norwich railway train station.

1 Perfect Production

Firstly, visiting the factory will give you a chance to witness the production process of how the packaging machinery is built firsthand. You can see how the machines are designed, assembled, and tested, which can provide valuable insights into their quality and craftsmanship.

You will have the opportunity to explore the various flow wrap machine models offered by Redpack Packaging Machinery. With 40+ flow wrappers in build at any one time, seeing the machines in person can help you better understand how they can suit your business. The team can carefully explain their differences, benefits, capabilities, and how they may suit your specific packaging needs.

We will be delighted to show you around our manufacturing and assembly facilities too. With our continual significant investment in the latest CNC machinery and 3D printing technology while continuing to bring out further developments and new packaging machinery.

Additionally, as we have the design, machining, mechanical, electrical and software knowledge inhouse, you can meet the respective teams to discuss your project.


2 New Packaging Advances

We are constantly collaborating with customers to develop ways to accommodate new sustainable, recyclable, and compostable eco-friendly packaging, with as little impact to throughput speeds as possible. Additionally, we continually innovate to ensure that customer automated packing lines are optimised, to increase speed of product to market, to give shelf-life improvements.


3 Customisation Capabilities

If you have unique packaging requirements, visiting the factory can help you discuss customisation options directly with the experts. As we continually collaborate with customers on solutions, we may be able to offer tailored solutions to meet your specific needs.

For example, we have been able to adapt our best selling NTS top sealing flow wrapper to accommodate the specific needs of the cut herb market by adapting the configuration. This has resulted in a specific design change that is focused on making the machine fit the application to the benefit of the customer. Another example of this customised development process for a specific sector is a flow wrapper for the mushroom industry.


4 Quality Counts

By visiting the factory, you can gain insights into our quality control processes, ensuring that the machinery meets industry standards and is built to last. Additionally, you can meet our service team who can ensure that you receive continual support, advice, and an easy access to spares, ensuring your Redpack flow wrapper continues to run at its best.


5 Pleased To Meet You

Finally, it would be great to meet with you to swap ideas. With so much going on at Redpack Packaging Machinery with our innovations, there is a great chance that you will see something that just might inspire you. While we take confidentiality very seriously, we would be delighted to listen to what challenges you may have.

Involving Redpack in your project from the earliest stages means that we can help scope the challenge and suggest solutions from us or one of our strategic partnerships.

We strongly believe that talking face to face with customers is essential. Additionally seeing the materials and activities that go into the manufacturing process and witnessing the final quality checks is equally important. Not only does this provide you with intimate knowledge of that particular product but Redpack’s innovative manufacturing processes may also inspire your thinking about your own working methods: that’s well worth a visit then.


To arrange a visit and for more information on Redpack Packaging Machinery click here.