Sustainable packaging and the benefits.

Sep 06 2021

As we emerge out of this global pandemic and restrictions continue to be lifted, the food industry is no doubt finding themselves in the position of requiring new packaging machinery to help meet the extra demand.  

One of the most obvious benefits of the flow-wrapper is its versatility and the wide range of products it is able to package both quickly and efficiently. Redpack has earnt itself a reputation of foodie expertise when it comes to packaging and its no surprise. Our machines allow businesses to go from strength to strength by having a perfectly tailored machine to suit their product, offering packing speeds anywhere from 20 – 500 packs per minute! The reduction in manual labour combined with the production speeds is a no brainer for any company looking to optimise their efficiency. 

Although these factors are important to every company, the conversation around packaging has been shifting tone in recent months, as the topic of doing what’s best for our planet is becoming increasingly important. As manufacturers, its our priority to help our customers strike the balance between reducing plastic packaging where possible yet preserving food life and preventing decontamination of non-compostable foods. It’s been great to collaborate with a number of our customers to achieve exactly this! 

One of our most recent projects has involved working with an environmentally conscious customer to make the switch from plastic packs to paper, and from plastic punnets to biodegradable punnets. Even if we can manage to save a very small amount of plastic on each pack, the overall effect is sizable and helps significantly reduce the amount of plastic hitting our planet. The result of using biodegradable punnets, however, is mind blowing! Depending on the contents, going down this route can save anywhere between 67% - 81% amount of plastic on each pack! Changing plastic packs to paper has an even more impressive statistic of becoming 100% recyclable. 

With this in mind, we ask ourselves the question; is paper packaging the way forward? Consumer mindsets are now leaning towards the eco-friendlier options, and therefore the look and feel of a recyclable pack is likely to become more and more attractive to the average shopper. On the contrary, this will involve compromising what can be seen inside the pack and seeing the contents is something which will always remain important to consumers. Achieving the perfect balance is the ultimate aim we are currently working towards with many of our customers. 

In recent studies, we have seen more supermarkets jump on the sustainable package train with ‘Asda’ setting themselves an objective to reach at least 30% recycled content in their own brand packaging. Many more supermarkets such as Tesco, Sainsburys, Lidl and Aldi encourage their shoppers to recycle their soft plastics by offering rewards for doing so at their recycling facilities. These activities help to stimulate the market for recycled content and enable investment in new recycling infrastructure and technologies. 

To find out more about how we can help your business become more sustainably friendly as well as discovering the perfect finance option, contact us for a free quote and we’ll be pleased to assist!  

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