Double B Chooses The Redpack High Care HC65 Flow Wrapper.

Mar 06 2023

The Double B Difference

Double B Foods is a complete, single-source processor of customized, handcrafted foods. Their Research & Development expertise and proprietary processing systems deliver innovative products of exceptional quality and unlimited versatility. This is all to meet the lifestyle demands of today’s consumers – and the rigorous requirements of foodservice and retail operators.

The Challenge For Redpack

As part of their high-quality bakery portfolio, Double B Foods manufacture and sell Kolaches which are a type of protein-based items with different types of doughs. It is a particular favourite in Texas, where Double B Foods are based conveniently.

Redpack have provided Double B with a machine flow wrapping before, which they were extremely happy with. On this occasion, Double B were looking for a replacement flow wrap machine to pack Kolaches. It needed to have a high output but as it was going to be situated in a food production area the flow wrapper had to comply with their hygiene disciplines.

Speed was very much of the essence due to the high volume that was needed to be packed. With a rate of up to 250 packs per minute, the machine needed to be very efficient. Additionally, it needed to be of food grade with a washdown capability to withstand the rigours of their hygiene disciplines, without causing failure of components because of water ingress.

The Redpack Response

Redpack proposed their HC65 Highcare Bottom Seal Flow Wrap Machine. This machine is Aluminium free and has an ultra-hygienic design.  It is constructed entirely from stainless steel and Acetal Copolymer, which offer excellent resistance to corrosion and most sanitizing chemicals.

It is designed to minimise bug traps with no flat horizontal surfaces and sealed structural sections, ensuring an easy to clean machine.  The whole flow wrapper is minimum IP65 rated so it is dust tight and is designed to be totally wash-down making hygiene easy to maintain. The horizontal surfaces have been minimised to ensure adequate run-off to inhibit pooling and therefore reduce bacteria harbouring.

The discharge and infeed modules are manufactured to an IP67 rated specification, as removal of these units allow for total immersion if required.  Hence the discharge is designed for quick removal from the flow wrapper, as is the discharge belt, via a quick release mechanism facilitating fast and easy cleaning.

The infeed, which has a cantilevered design with drop down sides for convenient and straightforward cleaning access, includes a mechanism for quick release of the infeed chain, ideal for busy pack houses where downtime is at a premium.

Great Tasting Results

Paul Maes V.P Of Operations at Double B Foods said:

“I am very pleased with our new equipment. The installation was flawless, and Bradley from Redpack is an excellent technician to work with.”

“This will now be our second Redpack overwrapping machine here in my facility. With that said, I was so pleased with our first machine and the reliability along with excellent customer service from Redpack, that making the decision when needing a second machine to go with Redpack was easy.”

“I appreciate your involvement throughout the process, and your entire team’s hard work in producing a high-quality product that will be reliable and dependable for years to come. I look forward to working with you on future projects as they develop.”