Packaging bakery goods

Nov 22 2021

Packaging bakery goods.

We all love the smell of freshly baked goods, don't we? Some freshly baked bread straight out of the oven, cookies and cakes gracing our noses with their sweet scent. I mean they practically sell themselves!

So why do we need to package them and how important can it really be… turns out, very!

Your packaging is essential to ensure that your baked goods and pastries arrive at their destination looking and tasting as delicious as they are fresh from the oven, but packing can also play a vital role in branding your business.

Sometimes it’s what the package says, and sometimes it’s what the package doesn’t say, but rather what it shows, because what really pulls consumers in when choosing a bakery item or baked good product? It’s all about appearances!

It is a known fact that people buy with their eyes, so packaging can prove to be a very important factor.

In one survey alone, 72% of American consumers state that a product's packaging design has an impact on their decision to buy. That's a sizable majority. That product's packaging design plays a vital role in attracting consumers because it is the first thing buyers see while shopping or browsing, either online or in-store.

Here at Redpack we cater to bakeries/bakers globally, providing packaging machinery that can help take your business to the next level.

The Redpack Packaging Machinery P325 Series flow wrapper machines are the industry leading horizontal flow wrappers.

Our machines have been designed to be versatile, robust and to suit all flow wrapping applications.


The P325 Series range includes:

  • A advanced three-axis servo drive system with a Allen-Bradley PLC ("Programmable Logic Controller") control system. 
  • A 10.3" touch screen (HMI) with simple commands for operators to enter the product code parameters required for product change over. The HMI also displays machine diagnostics and is capable of management data collection and communication to other plant and equipment.

We can also help package in a more sustainable way with paper packaging now starting to take over too, if you have any packaging needs or questions, we do offer free quotes so please get in touch today.

To discuss how Redpack can help your business contact us here.