Efficiency in Iceberg packaging

Aug 12 2021
To meet demands of growers across the market to reduce labour, enable faster packaging speeds and lower maintenance costs when wrapping iceberg, Redpack have been working closely with growers across the market to come up with a solution that wraps iceberg in a tight pack that retains the required shelf life.
Redpack have developed the NTS-BMI which is designed and manufactured for packaging iceberg with special features including the gentle handling of the product to minimise damage to the lettuce. The machine has a unique V – Shape infeed which holds the products and prevents it from rolling, something that is especially critical while running at fast wrapping speeds and on field rigs. It also has an overhead paddle system which stabilizes the product at transfer to ensure correct product placement onto the film.  
The Redpack NTS-BMI is designed to keep maintenance costs to a minimum and reduce labour head count, which is why you also have the option to have an integrated label applicator and printer on the machine where the machine can apply labels and print on the film while packaging, which means all this can be done at once, rather than by manual labour further down the line. Even the compressor providing the air supply, the ‘lazy susan’ rotary table and the packing rack is integrated into the lifting chassis base frame so that the whole packing line can be easily lifted and moved around as one piece.  Growers are already seeing a massive increase in efficiencies and huge savings in costs.