Redpack P325S-BM - the versatile choice for cheese flow wrapping

Jun 07 2023

The Redpack P325S-BM is an excellent choice when a versatile bottom seal flow pack machine is required. It is particularly suited to challenging environments and products including packing mince, cheese and mushrooms.

With over 45 years of continuous development, the Redpack P325S-BM is a highly versatile box motion flow wrapping machine suitable for a wide variety of applications. It is available with a number of different infeed configurations making it an excellent choice where flexibility is a must.

The P325S-BM is robustly manufactured and has precision engineered components housed in a stainless-steel fabrication providing minimum maintenance requirements and 24/7 production capability.

The box motion end crimp is suitable for both ambient and modified ambient packaging (MAP). It is able to seal a wide variety of materials including paper and laminates including OPP, PET, PE along with heat sealing laminates and cold seal too.