Image shows a Redpack NTS Flow Wrapping Machine with variable pitch conveyor infeed

NTS – Top Seal

The Redpack NTS top seal flow wrapping machine is an industry leading Horizontal Top Seal flow wrapping machine that has been designed for versatility and easy configuration and to flowrap difficult to handle product.

Often used on field-rigs, the Redpack NTS is robustly built in Stainless Steel for the tough conditions is has to endure.

The NTS top seal flow wrapping machine has a multi-axis electronic drive system that has a touch screen (HMI) with simple commands for operators to adjust the machine to suit different products. Bag length, print registration, end crimp slow down, infeed position, printed code position, label application control and flowrapping machine speeds are changed automatically by entering a product code on the HMI. 

Typical products for a Redpack NTS Top Seal flow wrapping machine



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