NTS-BM - Box Motion


The Redpack NTS-BM flowrapper is the ideal solution for:

  • Difficult to handle products
  • Products that requires high integrity sealing (long dwell) or hermetic sealing (air tight)
  • Products for medical industry

The Redpack NTS-BM top seal flow wrap machine is robustly built and housed in a stainless steel fabrication.

The Redpack NTS-BM Top Seal flow wrapping machine has an advanced multi axis electronic drive system that has a 10.3" colour touch screen (HMI).  Using simple commands the operators can quickly adjust the machine to suit different products. Bag length, print registration, end crimp slow down, infeed position, printed code position and machine speed are all changed automatically by entering a product name on the touch screen.

Below are some of the features available on the NTS-BM model:

  • The machine is equipped with independent drives synchronized through the servo-control system.
  • Machine is fabricated from solid stainless steel base.
  • Lifting frame integral chassis of flow wrapper.
  • Independent temperature control of the welding jaw heaters.
  • Integrated holder for a thermal transfer printer.
  • Option for integrated label applicator.
  • Pneumatic film mandrel with a scale for easier and more efficient operation of the machine.
  • Electronically driven film axis for the most efficient machine operation with the auto film tension.
  • Electrically adjustable height of the longitudinal welding module.
  • No product, No Bag.
  • Modem for remote control and machine diagnostics for the fastest response.

Have a look at the NTS-BM videos below. 



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