We are exhibiting our innovative packaging machine at PPMA!

Jun 18 2018
The most hygienic flow wrapping machine in the industry!

Redpack, are pleased to be showcasing the innovative HC65 high volume flowrap packaging machine at the PPMA Show. This high specification packaging  machine offers programmable zip applicator for the ready to eat food market.

­Able to perform at high volumes, benefits include full wash down capability and a modular format, allowing for simple disassembly yielding minimal downtime -  a huge plus for customers.

We were tasked with designing and manufacturing a hygienic and high performing packaging machine for the food packaging sector. By designing a modular machine which is manufactured IP65 standards, meaning the operator is able to clean the machine regularly without having to stop production for long periods. Redpack have surpassed the initial brief. Our customers are delighted with the result. The machine is robust, versatile and most importantly performs consistently at high speeds allowing customers to fulfil their orders with ease. 

“Simplicity with performance” …… two of the most important attributes any flowrapper should have, the HC65 has both qualities encompassed in one streamlined synergistic package.

Key features include:

  • Suitable for the ready to eat, frozen and fresh produce markets
  • Intuitive PC based user interface with multi language options­­­
  • Quick release discharge conveyor for simple maintenance
  • IP67 rated infeed and discharge
  • Fast Film threading design
  • Adjustable infeed to suit a wide range of products
  • Market leading zip application options
  • High volume product process rate
  • Simple maintenance schedule for increased productivity

Come and visit us at stand C77 for a coffee and a chat at the PPMA Show. We will be happy to give you more information regarding this, or any other packaging machine in our quality range. 

Alternatively, more information can be found here on our website 

For more information regarding the Redpack HC65 packaging machine or any of our product lines please contact us on 01603 722280.