High Care Flow Wrapper

HC65 – High Care Machine

The HC65 is an IP65 (ingress protection) rated bottom seal flow wrapping machine. It has a multi axis drive control for product flexibility combined with a touch screen HMI and simple operator instructions for parameter entry and product changeover. The HC65 Redpack is designed to minimise bug traps with no flat horizontal surfaces and minimal celvis fixings with sealed structural sections that means it’s easy to maintain and clean. This means it is able to withstand cleaning and washing with a low pressure hose.

Redpack HC65 discharge and infeed are manufactured to an IP67 (water proof 30mins<1m) rated specification.  As well as the discharge being designed for quick removal from the flow wrapper so is the infeed which has a cantilevered design with drop down side for easy and fast cleaning access and a quick release chain, ideal for busy pack houses where downtime is keep to a minimum.

A small selection of the products that can be wrapped on the HC65 flow wrapping machine.



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