76% Saving in Plastic

Sep 18 2021
At Redpack we carried out a little experiment, we were curious to know just how much packaging waste could be reduced by if products were wrapped in biodegradable punnets instead of plastic punnets. We carried out this experiment on several products that are currently wrapped in plastic punnets but could be wrapped in biodegradable punnets.
We weighed the total amount plastic used to wrap each of the chosen products, we then popped the product in a biodegradable punnet and flow wrapped it in our factory. We then weighed the total plastic used to wrap the biodegradable punnets and the results below tell the story!
By flow-wrapping with biodegradable punnets instead of plastic punnets we can save a huge amount of plastic on each pack.

Grapes = 76% less plastic

Mushrooms = 81 % less plastic

Tomatoes = 67% less plastic

Strawberries  = 71% less plastic

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