Codd Mushrooms opt for flow wrap over stretch wrap with Redpack for their exceptional service and an environmentally positive outcome.

May 25 2023

Codd Mushrooms, located in Tullow, Co Carlow, is a family owned and managed business - growing the finest quality mushrooms on the Codd family farm since 1989.

Codd Mushrooms decided to change from wrapping mushrooms with conventional cling wrap film to a more environmentally friendly flow wrap option. The packing machinery that we were using was not suitable for flow wrap so we needed to purchase a machine that would wrap punnets with this new film.

Stephanie Codd, Technical Manager said "Our Packhouse Manager had requested some specific alterations to their existing machine to make the changeover of packs more straight forward. Redpack’s engineers took on this challenge. The alterations we requested were actually very major, including redesigning the entire web handling in order to reduce the number of rollers and reduce the height, without compromise to other areas. This is a large part of a flow wrapper. Redpack successfully incorporated these alterations.”

“In April 2023, our new packing line was delivered. Installation went very well and the changes that we made to this machine were very successful. We have experienced very minimal downtime with this installation and Redpack’s engineers were always able to guide us through any issues that arose. Our new machine is now 3 weeks in operation and is running perfectly.”

“The benefits of using the flow wrap far outweigh the Cling Film that we previously used. Flow wrap is fully recyclable. The shelf life of the product is not compromised and looks much better on shelf improving sales. There is less down time on the packing line as the previous PE film was difficult to use.”

Stephanie Codd concludes, “We would have no hesitation in recommending Redpack to anyone wishing to move to flow wrapping machinery. They are professional to deal with and they have a huge knowledge of flow wrapping equipment.”