P325E-PF - Auto Feeder

The phase feeder is the ideal accompaniment to the P325 flow wrapping machine for applications where the product can be automatically fed... for example, filled punnets, biscuit bars, booklets etc. The phase feeder accepts product fed from a feed conveyor directly onto its infeed conveyor.

It then automatically spaces the product and conveys it into the flow wrapping module. Phase feeding can save time and money, as no operatives are required to feed the product onto the flow wrapping machine infeed.

In addition, by avoiding double handling the product avoids potential damage and reduced human intervention helps improves hygiene.


Below are some of the features available on the P325E-PF model:

  • The machine is equipped with independent drives synchronized through the servo-control system.
  • Machine base is manufactured from solid stainless steel.
  • Automatic feeder into flow wrapper.
  • Independent temperature control of the welding jaw heaters.
  • Universal integrated holder for a thermal transfer printer, optional.
  • Integrated label applicator optional.
  • Modem for remote control and machine diagnostics for the fastest response.
  • No product, no bag.
  • Designed to work 24/7.



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