P325E-T Trayless

The P325E-T Trayless flowrapping machine is renowned as a reliable, versatile, efficient and technically advanced flowrapper.

For further versatility the machine can be easily adjusted to allow fruit to be wrapped trayed or trayless in-line in various configurations.  With its frictionless infeed, the machines ensures that damage to the fruit is kept to a minimum.

Although originally developed for apples the machine can wrap almost any graded top fruit including pears, plumbs, kiwi, oranges, lemons, etc.

Univeg mc 908

The Redpack P325E-T Trayless flowrapping machine can be supplied with a choice of drive & control systems and product infeeds to suit your product and production requirements.

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Typical products for a Redpack P325E-T Trayless flow wrapping machine



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