1. HC65 – High Care Machine

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    The HC65 is an IP65 (ingress protection) rated bottom seal flow wrapping machine. It has a multi axis drive control for product flexibility combined with a touch screen HMI and simple operator instructions for parameter entry and product changeover. The HC65 Redpack is designed to minimise bug traps with no flat horizontal surfaces and minimal celvis fixings with sealed structural sections that means it’s easy to maintain and clean. This means it is able to withstand cleaning and washing with a low pressure hose.

    Redpack HC65 discharge and infeed are manufactured to an IP67 (water proof 30mins<1m) rated specification.  As well as the discharge being designed for quick removal from the flow wrapper so is the infeed which has a cantilevered design with drop down side for easy and fast cleaning access and a quick release chain, ideal for busy pack houses where downtime is keep to a minimum.

  2. P325E-FI Trayless Apple

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    The P325E-FI has been developed from the P325 range specifically for flow wrapping apples without a tray.

    It has a frictionless infeed that gently carries the apples to the flowrapping module and onto the wrapping film with minimum bruising.

    The frictionless infeed can be easily adjusted for collations of 4,6,8 & 10 apples in ”Soldier Pack” formation and an in-line pack, for variations in apple size grades.

    The P325E-FI trayless apple flow wrapping machines saves costs, reduces packaging waste and the frictionless infeed transports the apples collations with minimum bruising.







  3. P325 – Shrink Wrap

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    Redpack’s P325 range are industry leading Horizontal flow wrapping machines that have been designed for versatility and easy configuration to suit all Flow Wrapping applications.

    With over 35 years of continuous development the Redpack P325 range are proven packaging solutions.

    The Redpack P325 Shrinkwrap flow wrapping machine can be supplied with a choice of drive & control systems and product infeeds to suit your product and production requirements.

  4. NTS – Top Seal

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    The Redpack NTS top seal flow wrapping machine is an industry leading Horizontal Top Seal flow wrapping machine that has been designed for versatility and easy configuration and to flowrap difficult to handle product.

    Often used on field-rigs, the Redpack NTS is robustly built in Stainless Steel for the tough conditions is has to endure.

    The NTS top seal flow wrapping machine has a multi-axis electronic drive system that has a touch screen (HMI) with simple commands for operators to adjust the machine to suit different products. Bag length, print registration, end crimp slow down, infeed position, printed code position, label application control and flowrapping machine speeds are changed automatically by entering a product code on the HMI. 

  5. P325E – Bottom Seal

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    The P325 Series range includes:

    • P325E flow wrapping machine has a three axis electronic drive system. This has a touch screen (HMI) with simple commands for operators to enter the product code parameters required for product change over.
    • P325S flow wrapping machine has an advanced three axis servo drive and Allen-Bradley PLC (“Programmable Logic Controller”) control system.  This machine has a 10.3” colour touch screen (HMI) that displays simple commands for operators to enter product code and settings. The HMI also displays machine diagnostics and is capable of management data collection and communication to other plant and equipment.

    Call a Redpack Sales Manager on +44 (0) 1603 722 280 to discuss your requirements today.

  6. NTS – Box Motion

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    The Redpack NTS-BM flowrapper is the ideal solution for:

    • Difficult to handle products
    • Products that requires high integrity sealing (long dwell) or hermetic sealing (air tight)
    • Products for medical industry

    The Redpack NTS-BM Top Seal flowrapper  is robustly built and housed in a Stainless Steel fabrication.

    The Redpack NTS-BM Top Seal flow wrapping machine has an advanced multi axis electronic drive system that has a 10.3″ colour touch screen (HMI).  Using simple commands the operators can quickly adjust the machine to suit different products. Bag length, print registration, end crimp slow down, infeed position, printed code position and machine speed are all changed automatically by entering a product name on the touch screen.

  7. P325E-T Trayless

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    The P325E-T Trayless flowrapping machine is renowned as a reliable, versatile, efficient and technically advanced flowrapper.

    For further versatility the machine can be easily adjusted to allow fruit to be wrapped trayed or trayless in-line in various configurations.  With its frictionless infeed, the machines ensures that damage to the fruit is kept to a minimum.

    Although originally developed for apples the machine can wrap almost any graded top fruit including pears, plumbs, kiwi, oranges, lemons, etc.

    Univeg mc 908

    The Redpack P325E-T Trayless flowrapping machine can be supplied with a choice of drive & control systems and product infeeds to suit your product and production requirements.

    Speak to one of Redpack’s Sales Team today by calling them on +44 (0) 1603 722 280 to find out more about a solution for your packaging needs.

  8. HTS – Shrink Wrap

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    The Redpack HTS Top Seal flow wrapping machine has an advanced three axis servo drive system that has a 10.3″ colour touch screen (HMI).  Using simple commands the operators can quickly adjust the machine to suit different products. Bag length, print registration, end crimp slow down, infeed position, printed code position and machine speed are all changed automatically by entering a product name on the touch screen.

    Do you have a packaging requirement you wish to discuss?  Please call one of the Redpack Team on +44 (0) 1603 722 280.

  9. Redpack flow wrapping systems

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    Redpack’s Technical Department use Solid Works CAD software and work with clients from project concept, design and development, machine build, factory installation and staff training. Redpack Packaging Machinery can provide you with the perfect solution for your packaging system or customised flowrapping machine line.

    The images below show packaging systems that have been designed and installed by Redpack Packaging Machinery.

    _DSC5799c copy HTS Celery Machine

    Redpack Packaging Machinery Two In a Pack Celery Hearts Flowrapping Packaging System.  Automatic collation of two celery hearts and overwrapping on a Redpack Packaging Machinery HTS top seal flow wrapping machine.  The wrapped product then flows from the flow wrapping machine onto an outfeed conveyor and finally to a rotary turntable with operator packing station.



    Redpack Packaging Machinery Greeting Card Flowrapping Packaging System.  Redpack Packaging Machinery P325 flowrapping machine with integrated card feeders for greetings cards and envelopes. It has a packed card counter with batching outfeed conveyor.













    Redpack Packaging Machinery Enrobed Health Biscuit Bar Flowrapping Packaging System. The machine has an infeed conveyor to receive enrobed bars from the production feed, 90 degree and bar orientation conveyors, metal detector, phase feeder, and seam crimp plate cooling.











    Redpack Packaging Machinery Fresh Produce Shrink Wrapping Packaging System for Field Rig Mounting. The product, for example broccoli, is conveyed directly into the rig where operators place it onto one of the two product infeed conveyors. The product is wrapped on either of two HTS Top Seal flow wrapping machines and conveyed to rotary turntables that have box packing stations.

    _dsc7866 copy_marshalls











    The whole of the Redpack Packaging Machinery shrink wrapping packaging system can be folded up to allow the rig to close to the regulation road size when travelling between farms











    Redpack Packaging Machinery Card Feeding Flowrapping Packaging System.  This system has an extended product infeed on which 8 card feeders are mounted, in order to feed 8 variations of cards onto the product infeed stations. The card feeders are integrated with a Redpack Packaging Machinery P325 flowrapping machine.  After being flowrapped, the wrapped packs of cards travel on a batching conveyor.











    Redpack Packaging Machinery Chocolates on a Card Flowrapping Packaging System.  Lengths of card are cut and scored on a Redpack Packaging Machinery card feeder and are fed onto a Redpack Packaging Machinery flowrapping machine infeed. The card is formed into an “L” shape and chocolates are automatically fed onto the card.  The card is then formed into a “U” shape to encapsulate the chocolate pieces. The chocolate collation assembly is then flowrapped in cold seal film.

    If you have a need for a new flowrapping system, please contact Redpack Sales Team today on +44 (0) 1603 722 280.