Jan 20

Redpack’s Versatile NTS Increases Floor Space & Packaging Speed.


NTS 893 b Hi res

Redpack have introduced further flow wrapping innovations with the unveiling of the NTS top seal flow wrapping machine. Building on the success of the popular HTS model the NTS has met with immediate success and orders for nine machines have been received during November and December.

The NTS provides enhanced versatility and with its flexible modular construction, faster packaging and reduced machine footprint it is the ideal solution for busy factories, pack houses and field harvest rigs.

The NTS is ruggedly constructed from hygienic food grade stainless steel. It has three axis drive control for product flexibility combined with a touch screen HMI (“Human-Machine Interface”) and simple operator instructions for parameter entry and product changeover.

The NTS has been supplied to package a wide range of product including Little Gem Lettuce, Celery, collations of Herbs, Pak Choi, Asparagus, etc. and packaging speeds currently exceeding 110ppm.

Although the NTS is very compact even further space saving can be achieved by the inclusion of an integrated 90 degree product outfeed conveyor or rotary product take off table, either unit can be inserted in place of the more conventional product outfeed conveyor. These features not only bring additional space savings but have the advantage of providing power supplies from the NTS electrical cabinet (so no trailing cables) and integral safety features.

To take maximum advantage of the enhanced speed capability the NTS can be assembled with film Auto-Splice so that new reels of film can be automatically synchronised without operator intervention thus saving significant time and film wastage. Another machine feature includes a lifting frame enabling the flow wrapper to be easily lifted on and off Field Harvest Rigs with the Label applicator and date/code printer all still attached to the flow wrapper.