May 04

Redpacks Operator Free Infeed Cuts Costs


Hawthorn m.c 933


A Lincolnshire packer has achieved cost savings and increased production flow by the installation of two Redpack P325E Stainless Steel flow wrapping machines with operator free product infeed. Punnets of 400 or 500gramme of grapes are assembled on a production conveyor and, with no further operator handling, are conveyed directly to the automatic infeed. The users requested production speed of 80ppm can be exceeded if required, but, to allow for variations in production flow, the infeed speeds up and slows down automatically dependent upon the rate of punnets being conveyed. If no punnets are flowing the infeed and wrapper stop so that empty bags cannot be produced. The P325E has a four axis drive control, adjustable film fold box and easy to use touch screen so that alternative punnet sizes can be easily accommodated by simple operator settings. Redpacks client is very pleased with the P325E flowrappers and stated that “The machines will quickly pay for themselves as we are making substantial savings through an increase in production and by reducing the number of operators required”.