Mar 17

Redpack Packaging Machinery P325 flowrapping machine

 Redpack Packaging Machinery P325 flowrapping machine


Redpack Packaging Machinery have won a further order for a P325 flow wrapping machine to flowrap SIM cards complete with instruction packaging. The overall size of the product measured 100mm long x 80mm wide x 3mm high and packing speeds in excess of 100ppm were required.

The flowrapping machine had to be capable of flow wrapping individual cards or flowrapped a pre-determined quantity of cards joined together as a string. Strings of cards are to be hung in a retail stall and required a Euro-slot whilst individual cards did not require the Euro-slot.

The P325 flow wrapping machine was interfaced to the customer’s existing card feeder. A card miss-feed detection was fitted to stop the flowrapper infeed in the event of a misfeed thus protecting the card sequence numbering. Misplaced product no seal was fitted to the flowrapper prevent product damage in the event of the product being incorrectly positioned.

 The strings of cards produced by Repack Packaging Machinery uniquely designed programmable splitter enable the flow wrapping machine to produce cards that are joined together from 2 to however long a string is required. The Euro-slot punch and die can be bolted on or removed to produce packs with or without a slot hanger.