Mar 17

Redpack Packaging Machinery HTS flowrapping machine field rig system

Redpack Packaging Machinery HTS flowrapping machine field rig system 

Redpack Packaging Machinery have won another major contract for two of their HTS Top Seal flow wrapping machines configured as an integrated system with check weighing, heat tunnels and operator packing station for shrink wrapping Broccoli in Polyolefin film.

The two HTS flow wrapping machines, one left hand and one right hand have an integrated check weighing system that has been fitted in place of the flowrapping machine product outfeed, an arrangement that has greatly reduced the space requirement on the rig.

Redpack Packaging Machinery supply includes product conveyors from the loading operators through the flowrappers and the heat tunnels to ergonomically designed operator packing stations. All of the supply has been manufactured in Stainless Steel and, typical of Redpack Packaging Machinery machines, is of rugged construction with minimum maintenance requirement for maximum reliability and production efficiency.

When the rig goes onto the road to move between farms in the UK or Spain the flowrapping machine system folds up to a minimum space allowing the rig to close up to conform to road traffic vehicle size regulations.

A spokesperson for Redpack Packaging Machinery commented that the project was won by Redpack because of their reputation for producing well engineered and reliable flowrapping and packaging machines with innovative and flexible design philosophy at the right price.

HTS flow wrapping system folded up ready for the road

 HTS flowrapping system folded up ready for the road