Nov 17

Redpack’s NTS Innovations.

Throughout the past year Redpack have continued to prove the success of their new NTS top seal flow wrapping machine. This highly successful design has all of the features that you expect on a quality packaging machine such as ease of operator use, performance, efficiencies, longevity, reliability and the latest drive system and touch screen HMI, these are just some of the reasons why the Redpack NTS machine is currently market leading. To ensure Redpack help clients meet their packaging requirements Redpack work closely with them to match the NTS with their requirements and it is this close collaboration that has ensured that it is the perfect match for busy packing areas. One of the clients requested a packing speed of 120ppm with a pack cut off that is around 400mm long equating to a very fast film speed of 48 metres/minute. Additional features were added to make sure that the seam and end crimp seals remain good. At this speed the reels of film can run out pretty quickly so Redpack have added an automatic reel splice to speed up reel changes and to reduce machine stoppage time. There is a range of infeed styles and lengths for hand feeding product and Redpack’s Technical department are adept at designing automatic feeding solutions. At the outfeed end there can be variations in conveyor lengths but, if preferred, you can have an integrated roundtable or an integrated 90 degree conveyor, which are features that save space and get all of the electrics neatly incorporated into the flow wrapper electrical cabinet. Redpack are extremely safety conscious and ensure that all of their packaging equipment meets appropriate EC Directives and harmonised standards, they are prepared to work to clients own machine engineering standards when required. With more machine innovations in the pipeline Redpack are the packaging machine company to watch and who will go the extra mile to provide you with a perfect packaging solution.