Aug 05

Trayless Apple Machines P325S-FI


 Redpack Packaging Machinery has won orders for a further five P325S-FI machines for flow wrapping apples without a tray.


Clients are impressed by the new Frictionless Infeed that avoids product damage when apples or delicate fresh product is transported to the wrapping module. Hard infeed product pushers, so often the cause of product bruising, have been discarded and a moving conveyor bed and side guides have been added, this newly designed infeed gently transports product through the product infeed into the wrapping module.


A further Unique design feature enables the product infeed pitch to be adjusted without additional change parts accommodating collations of 4, 6, 8, and 10 apples and product grading variations. According to Redpack “The P325S-FI trayless flow wrapping machine saves cost, reduces packaging waste and the frictionless infeed transports produce collations without damage”