Sep 13

The Benefits of Using Packaging Machines

Does your company manually wrap your products? As you know, this method is time-consuming, physically demanding and is rarely cost effective. Our packaging machines have many important benefits for the modern business. Here are five compelling reasons to seriously consider purchasing a Redpack Packaging Machine:

  1. It Will Save You Money, Time and Space

We all know that ‘time is money’ and packaging machines save both money and time. Machine flow-wrapping can commonly be 50% quicker, which is a massive gain. Due to the nature of flow-wrapping, it uses less energy and resources than any other packaging. Storage space is very important and machine packaging reduces the costs associated with space, shipping and handling. Some estimates say that 75% less flow-wrapping material is required, in comparison to other corrugated products. When it comes to transportation, flow-wrapping requires less space, which means that many more products can be moved at once.

  1. Supreme Versatility

Countless products can be flow-wrapped by our packaging machines. It does not matter if the items have different shapes or characteristics – they can all be packaged. Our P325E-T Trayless Flow Wrap Machine can wrap virtually any top grade fruit, regardless of their shape, including oranges, lemons, pears, kiwi fruit and so on. This versatility is an essential aspect of our packaging machines’ appeal. Other examples of the different types of products that we flow-wrap are as follows: household products, pharmaceuticals, snack foods, fresh produce, bakery, toys, greeting cards, gifts and so on.

  1. Promotes Brand Awareness and Increases Brand Loyalty

Another important benefit of using flow-wrapping machines is that packaging is a powerful advertising device. It provides precise information and contributes massively to the actual sale of an item. Plastic packaging comes in different colours and designs. People buy products for a variety of reasons, including whether an item is pleasing to the eye. This allows the manufacturer to make their product different and distinctive from their rivals and also speak directly to their target audience. This in turn, connects with the consumer and promotes brand loyalty in the form of repeat business.

  1. Excellent Durability and Prolonged Shelf-Life

The technology behind the type of plastic used in flow-wrapping, along with our sophisticated packaging machines, provide superb protection against dehydration. It stops air, moisture and dust from entering the protective wrapping, which prolongs the shelf-life considerably. The consumer is able to keep their flow-wrapped products between 3 to 5 times longer than by refrigeration alone. This increases the appeal of items packed by our machinery.

  1. Recyclable Packaging

Who has not heard of phrases such as ‘recycling,’ ‘carbon footprint,’ ‘environmental awareness’ and other similar terms? The beauty of flow-wrapping is that it is easily recyclable. The type of plastic used in the wrapping process is commonly known as LDPE (low-density polyethylene). It is designed to be easily broken down in the recycling process and can then be reused. Does your company use very high volumes of LDPE plastic? In some cases, it is possible that this can be collected, baled and purchased by a recycling company.

Whatever packaging machine you are interested in, Redpack is the company to supply your every need.